Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The first big snow of the year

Two of our three Park City ski areas have opened and Deer Valley opens on Saturday.  This is exactly what we needed to give the ski season a bit of a nudge: over a foot of snow and a week of frigid temperatures.
Of course any time there is fresh powder, Jasper goes nuts.
It was cold enough to generate some frost, but not that much.  I did like how this little plant looked like a tiny palm tree.
There are a number of people who don't think that man can be responsible for climate change.  Really?  This cloud bank stretches for miles and it was created by nothing but the snow making machines at Deer Valley.  Imagine what a 24x7 factory can spew.
Did I mention that Jasper likes the snow?  He is completely oblivious that it is 5 degrees out.
The shapes and textures were everywhere.  This looked like a field of giant mushrooms.
The frost in the Gambel Oaks gave everything a bit of a sparkle.
Starting this year off with a harder Where's Waldog?  Can you find Jasper in the picture?
Another Gambel Oak coated in frost.
If things go as expected, the lows tonight will be 5 below.  I may head down into the Heber Valley to see if the trees all frost over.
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