Sunday, June 08, 2014

Death of the Sotheby's Brand

I remember years ago when I would find a Sotheby's home catalog somewhere.  Everything about the document oozed quality, printed on thick gloss paper with gorgeous photos. I would always enjoy looking through them at the places the privileged few lived. It seemed that to have them sell your house meant you went through some approval process that was very discriminating. All the houses seemed to be on a secluded beach or a mountain top and half of them looked like palaces.

I was really surprised about five years ago when Sotheby's started buying up small realty firms, including at least one here in Park City.  The firm they bought was selling a lot of homes that didn't match up well with the Sotheby's brand.  Today, that brand has been completely destroyed in my mind.

You make your own decision.

I probably won't ever bother picking up a Sotheby's home catalog again.  It would probably be printed on old newsprint. Very sad.....

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