Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A visit from Tony Hudson

It's always nice to get visitors from NC.  This weekend it was Tony Hudson who lives two doors down from our old house in Raleigh.  Tony was coming out to Salt Lake City for business, so he came out one day early and visited with Julie and me.  There's still a fair amount of snow at the higher elevations, so instead of driving up I-80, we came up Big Cottonwood and over Guardsman Pass.  Sure enough, someone was hiking up the hill behind Tony to do some skiing.
We did a bit of hiking in the spectacular weather, drank margaritas on the deck, and grabbed lunch at Silver Star Cafe.  While there, Vidalia came and settled at my feet. Vidalia and Tallulah are two of the sweetest, but ugliest dogs around.  Her collar says "Please don't feed me french fries".
We had to take Tony back to his hotel in Salt Lake.  That meant having dinner at Red Iguana, always a favorite. I really wish they would open one of those up in Park City.  We would be there frequently.

It was great getting to catch up.  Wish we got to see our Duxford friends more often.  They are some great people!

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