Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day in Napa

It has been quite a few years since I have been in Napa and most of my previous visits were just in and out in one day. This time I got to spend quite a few days, and enjoy it with Julie and our friends Jim and Kathy. We have spent the last two Memorial Days with these guys and we always have a great vacation.

What do you do in Napa?  Three obvious activities: drink, eat and sleep. We certainly gave each of those our best efforts.
The Napa Valley is absolutely full of vineyards.  We were staying in the town or Napa in a little VRBO house and drove around every day.  The wineries all have tastings as part of their marketing, but it can be expensive and it is difficult to get to taste their best wines.  That's where you fall back to "it's not what you know, it's who you know."

Our friends Jim and Kathy are members with a few wineries.  This gets you in for some great tastings, free.  In addition to that, we met up with their friends John and Joanne who now leave in Napa.  They are well connected and know all the great places to go.

I think this was at the Sherwin Family Vineyards.  From left: Jim, Kathy, Julie, Joanne, and John.
Jim and Kathy, outside the Darioush Winery.  I had never heard of their wines, but they were delicious and we spent about three hours tasting.  Now the challenge is trying to figure out if I can get any of their wines sent to Utah.  When it comes to joining wine clubs, Utah sucks.  In fact, they suck worse than all the other states and the District of Columbia.  Booo Utah!
Another view of the Darioush winery.
My vacation partner in crime.  The weather was splendid for our entire stay.  How perfect for sitting outside with yet another glass of wine.
Now we are already pondering where we should be for Memorial Day next year.
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