Monday, May 12, 2014

We are homeless

OK, that may be a bit misleading.  We don't own a home any more, but we still own 3,000 square feet of condo.  The house now belongs to the Livingstone's from California.
We (mostly Julie) put a tremendous amount of thought into the design of this house.  It was attractive and incredibly livable.  It was also huge.  I will certainly miss several aspects of it including the huge deck, the dog sink, and the glorious kitchen.  Just the same, I won't miss the utility bills, the painting and staining costs, weeding, blowing the snow of the driveway, ....

We are quickly settling in making making the condo home again.  In fact, this time we are making some improvements to make it look and live better.  On with the downsized stage of life.
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