Saturday, May 10, 2014

Moving out, and then in

Things have been progressing about as well as we could ask.  Not perfect, but pretty well.  We now have 100% of our stuff out of the house and it has been cleaned everywhere.  I think that part is complete.  It looks kind of weird without any furniture in it now.
We will miss Julie's masterful kitchen.  The one we have in the condo is adequate with nice appliances, but you just can't beat the house's huge amount of cabinets and counter space.  By the way, this was taken a day or two ago.  Those cleaning supplies are all gone.
Meanwhile, over in the condo, we are starting to get settled, but that process will take weeks, if not months. Some areas look almost complete.
A bad angle, but the living room is comfortable and I have most of the TV stuff working again.  That was quite a project tearing everything down, connecting it all in a completely different way, and then reprogramming the remote so that all that stuff works (Tivo, AppleTV, Roku, Sonos, ....)
Julie is starting to get some decorative stuff out, but there is no art on the walls yet.  The pets are settling in well, but as you can see, Jasper wants to make sure he is a part of every activity.  This often equates to simply being underfoot.
One piece of work we were having done before we moved back into the condo was to tear out the little mud room bench, cubbies, and closet, and replace them with cabinets that are a lot better designed.  Unfortunately, we did the tear out, but cabinet guys are backed up for weeks.  This is our current mud room holding area.
Did the same thing to the kitchen pantry.  Did I mention that cabinet people are backed up?
So if the art isn't up on the wall, where is it?  Piled safely in the downstairs bathroom!  Since no one is staying in there, it was safe and out of the way.
We close on Monday morning!  As best we can tell, we have done all the things we are supposed to do to get the house ready for its new owners.  That means a lot of work here at the condo getting settled in.

Hopefully it also means more time for photos and blog entries.
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