Saturday, June 06, 2015

Umbria - It's a wrap

 My last, and least serious blog entry about our trip to Umbria.

Along the way you end up taking some interesting or funny shots that really don't fit with anything else.  I still wanted to share them though, so here we go.

First, I offer my collection of cat photos.  They aren't as web-worthy as cute kitten videos, but I like them.

This guy hung out on the patio outside a restaurant and a gelato place.He was pretty rough looking, but seemed to enjoy a lifestyle of lounging in the sun all day.

My favorite, although tough to see.  He is 15-20 feet in the air, sitting on a 1" wide window shutter. Nice balance to stay there.  No telling what he did to get up there. Bad consequences if anything went wrong.
Here in the States we don't see many phone booths any more.  Everyone has a cell phone.  There were some scattered around Italy, and they all looked like they were from 1950.
There were some interesting signs up around the different towns. 

And my personal favorite!
This was a bus stop sign, in an alley.  I know they have small cars in Europe, but I don't think they have teeny, tiny buses.
Someone did a great job modifying the arrow on this sign.
Right next to a famous church in Assissi, there was a store selling little saint statues, and of course, some soccer players as well.  It is the world's most popular sport after all.
Bob and Terry needed to take the train back to Rome.  Pretty simple.  How many people does it take to figure out how to buy the right ticket?  It appears to be "at least eight".
This was the hottest selling item in Rome, the selfie stick.  There were street vendors peddling them on almost every street corner.  I never did bother to ask what they cost, but I am pretty certain my Nikon D750 would not have done well at the end of one.
Get your picture taken with a Gladiator!  Unless they are on their break.
And we end with a series of the cute little cars they drive around Italy.  Here we have a three wheeled car which is noticeably smaller than the Smart Car in front of it.
With Julie, for scale.  I can not imagine anything other than a group of clowns coming out of this.
A micro mini van?
 A stylish convertible.
And the toughest parallel parking job ever.
Our trip to Italy was glorious.  We were blessed with great weather and wonderful friends.  We got to see and do some spectacular things.  Even better with a great hotel and villa and a strong dollar.

Now it is time to start planning our next big adventure.  We are leaning towards Spain and Portugal, but who knows?

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