Monday, June 29, 2015

The construction continues

Almost four months ago, I did a blog post on a house being built in our neighborhood.  It had a very bizarre concrete wall and its very own crane.

Here we are in mid summer and the crane is still there.  These things can run $1000 per day.  I have NEVER seen a home under construction have a semi permanent crane.  They normally show up for one day, do their thing, and leave.
Why would you need your own crane?  Just for lifting really heavy stuff, like a steel beam.  When you want to support a long run without have to add a column in the middle of your room, you just replace the wood beam with steel. 
But in this house, they are putting steel everywhere.  The floors, the ceilings,....  The rightmost wall in the photo below is the mystery wall.  So far it seem to just be holding up those two beams.  Odd for a wall that literally took them a month to build.
Steel is very expensive.  There is so much steel in this house that I believe it will be left after the nuclear war with the cockroaches.
Yes, this is all steel.
And the entire front of the house.
This house will undoubtedly be the most expensive construction project, taking the longest to finish, of any one I have seen.  I wonder how many more months they will have the crane on site.  Perhaps they just bought it outright to save money?
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