Friday, March 06, 2015

The mystery wall

As time goes by, the construction continues on the house in our neighborhood. I am becoming convinced that this will be the slowest, most expensive construction we have seen. They finally unveiled the giant concrete wall that took them weeks to build. It turns out it is nothing more than a thick, tall slab of concrete with some slots on top.  Perhaps those will be special?

The rest of the foundation walls also took weeks. Normally these go up in a few days.  I was half expecting art work to be unveiled when they took the boards off, but it was just a normal foundation wall.

To make life more interesting, and expensive, they have their own personal crane installed in the middle of the lot. It has already been there a week, but hasn't done anything yet.  Cranes are expensive, so normally you batch up your crane work, one drives up, does everything it needs to, and drives off.  All billed by the hour.  This one looks like it is going to be there for quite a while.
Hard to tell in this photo, but the thing to the right of the crane is a little shack.  Again, something I have never seen on a building site around here.  Perhaps they plan to be here for a very long time.
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