Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bad, bad snow year

Those who I have chatted with in the past month or two know how pissy I am about this year's terrible snow for skiing.  It is definitely on track to be our worst year in many decades.  For those out east who think that it has been too cold and snowy for global warming, they just announced that this winter has been the warmest on record for the earth.  You guys just happen to be the cold spot.

Not only has it been very warm here, it has been incredibly dry.  Here are the snow pack percentages (compared to median) for the mountain west.

This compares the snow pack in Thaynes Canyon (think Park City Mountain Resort).  You can see the median (highest) with the 2012, 2013, and 2014 (bad) and 2015 so far (atrocious).

Gonna be a tough summer for water.  Thanks God we had a fairly rainy fall.  It filled some of the reservoirs giving us a bit of a head start into what is sure to be a parched summer.

Two more quick photos.  Jasper standing on the corner during a good snow year.
A very sad Jasper at that same corner this week.

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