Friday, July 24, 2015

Park City Art

Jasper and I were going for a walk around Park City today and ran across some new art being created.  One of the pedestrian tunnels along Poison Creek was being painted with a mix of geometric patterns.  The guy doing it works at a local restaurant and is an art student at the University of Utah.

The fun part was that he would let you paint one of the triangles so it becomes a community art project.  The woman in the blue top is about to paint hers.  Then she offered to hold Jasper so I could paint one.
Mine is the beautiful purple one.
I will head back and take a photo of the entire tunnel when he is done.   It is a HUGE improvement over what has been there for years:  dirt and mud on old white paint.

It is nice to live in a city that supports projects like this. 
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