Friday, July 24, 2015

Visiting Michigan

Julie and I went up to Michigan to visit with Julie's family.  We stayed with her mom for a few days in Royal Oak and then went with Julie's cousin Kathleen and her husband Bill to their cottage on Rush Lake.

They recently acquired a pontoon boat, which is perfect for this lake.  It's great to take around any time of day, including this gorgeous sunset.
 Kathleen and Julie, our beautiful boat bling.
 As the sun dropped, the colors kept getting better.
In the morning, Bill would wake up and head out on to the dock with his fishing rod, in search of the perfect bass.
But he let me use a rod, and I got the big catch.  It's about a 15" large mouth bass. It is back swimming freely in the lake again.
During the time we were there, we saw a number of other family members.  This is Megan, Bill and Kathleen's daughter.  We also went out to dinner with their sons Michael and Patrick.
We also got to spend time with Julie's uncle Tom and her aunt Marie.  Below we have Tom and Julie lounging on the back deck.

Nice trip.  It was fun getting to see everyone and we had nice weather, although it did get hotter and more humid than Julie and I are used to.  Once we left North Carolina, we have grown soft (and dry, and comfortable).
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