Sunday, November 15, 2015

Out to the Uintahs

I haven't been doing much photography lately and Jasper seemed a little pissed off about it.  We decided to take a trip up towards Mirror Lake.  My hope was the snow capped mountains would make for some nice early morning reflections in the lake.  Then I would go to Provo Falls and get some nice shots with the snow around the falls.

Well it seems I made these brilliant decisions about three weeks late.  This is a photo of the water falls.  Sure enough, the water is running under all of that.  You can hear it.  Doesn't photograph too well though. I am guessing that since it was about 6 degrees, the water would freeze.  Just the same, even at 6F, Jasper had his head out the window at 50 mph.

And this is the river running down below the falls.  As you might guess, if the flowing river has frozen over, the lakes certainly have.  Oh well, off to plan B.

Here is one of the lakes. Still pretty, just no reflections.

I started back down towards Kamas and found some things to shoot in the valley.  Yes, I do like the sun stars,

And Jasper found an incredibly large set of beaver damns.  They flood an area that must be 50 acres, all with numerous tiers.

When the water gets close to freezing and the air is so cold, the little bubbles that form in streams tend to stay almost solid.  I doubt they are freezing, but the behavior is definitely different.

The warm moisture coming off the creeks glazed everything with a layer of ice.

I got back to Kamas, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed down to the base of the Jordanelle dam.  The first thing I ran into was this Osprey nest.  He picked the very, very top of the largest pole for miles.  The power company puts up a lot of nesting platforms and they all seem to get used.  Apparently they need at least one more.

I had no idea what I would find to shoot, and finally just settled on some running water.  I was terribly lazy and left my tripod in the car.  It is tough to shoot long exposures handheld, so these are kind of crappy.  If the scenery would have been better I would have dragged my butt back to the car.

Note to self:  If you wait until there is snow in Park City, Mirror Lake is long gone.
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