Saturday, January 02, 2016

A trip to Heber

The other morning I didn't feel like fighting the tourist ski crowds so I was pondering what to do.  When I took the dog out into the balmy -10 degree weather, we noticed a fair amount of frost on the trees.  When it is that cold in Park City, it is often even colder down in Heber because they sit in a little bowl, which traps the coldest, sinking air.

So, off to Heber to take some pictures.

Before we got to the river where I expected the ice, I saw these cows in the field.  I sympathize with them for having to be out on such a cold day, but how many cows get this kind of scenery?

When I got to the Provo River, the ice wasn't nearly what I had hoped for.  Apparently there was a breeze overnight.  This prevents the best hoar frost from occurring.

It was still scenic though.  You can see the steam rising from the river, which is why this area tends to be great for ice.

These bushes had the right spirit, but they aren't particularly interesting.

One last branch by the river.

Now I started wandering along, throwing Jasper snowballs and looking for anything else interesting.

The seed pods on this plant were really interesting.  Much prettier than their thorny stalk.

And another.

Down in the river, the hoar frost forms on the river ice.

And I found a section with just all sorts of different water-based forms.

Nothing special and not what I went looking for, but pretty just the same.
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