Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Norm and Ginny come to visit

This week we had Norm and Ginny Andrews come out from Raleigh to ski. They own the Wine and Things store, our long-term source for all our wine in NC. They are the couple that organized each of our three ski trips to France. (Last year's trip)

We got some snow on Sunday and went skiing, but the weather was pretty windy. I guess I shouldn't complain about the free dermabrasion treatment. Monday was a whiteout. We got about 18 inches of snow mixed in with some 60 mph winds. We didn't ski but we did go catch a final movie for Sundance 2008. Tuesday was gorgeous. Nice snow. Nice sun. No wind.

Here are Ginny, Norm and Julie at Park City.

On our ski trip to France, we learned that Courcheval and Park City are sister cities. I was happy getting a picture of the Park City ski run in France. Now we have a picture of the Courcheval run in Park City. Thanks to Bill Benson for the picture taking.

Ginny, who loves the trees, bumps and deep powder.

Norman, who mostly avoids the trees, bumps, and deep powder. He mastered the love of fine dining on the mountain. Didn't take long to learn that Deer Valley has better food than Park City.

Julie, out for her first day in quite a while.

Nice powder!!

It was a great visit, even though it ended prematurely. They were supposed to head down to Salt Lake in the morning in their fine rental PT Cruiser. We are supposed to get another foot or two of snow tonight, so they wisely chose to head into town a night early to avoid the deep snow in a car without snow tires.
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