Sunday, February 03, 2008

Heading for warmer weather

This was 22nd or 23rd year of going on a winter golfing trip to Myrtle Beach with some college dorm friends. While some golfers have come and gone, Darrell, Jason, Dave, Lewis and I have been there each year. This year we brought back John Steigerwald (from IBM and NetIQ) and Mark Reid (Duxford neighbor) and added Jim Saunders (another Duxford neighbor) to round out a lovely eightsome.

We were stayed at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach and played each of the four courses there: Dye, Fazio, Norman and Love. Our condos were right on the Intercoastal Waterway. This was the sunrise this morning.

This looks the other way from our porch, over the marina and into the sunset.

Our condos were bigger and nicer than expected. Guys seem to find ways to make the chairs and couches more comfortable.

One of the reasons we liked the condos was because we found we could get into rooms that we probably weren't supposed to. This is Darrell's bedroom. I had a king bed and a jacuzzi tub.

The courses seemed to redefine the term "bunker". There was sand everywhere. Waste bunkers. Pot bunkers. Edith Bunkers. ... Lots and lots of sand.

Many of us spent a lot of time doing what Lewis is here. Digging out.

As you might expect from a group of adult males, there was no shortage of coaching and commentary.

Looking at a picture of my swing is like looking at a snowflake. No two of them are the same. Probably helps explain why I hit balls in all directions.

Mark spent four days showing that "no, he had not been sandbagging with his handicap."

Jim seems to have adopted some of the more recent dressing fashions from his two teenage daughters. Here he is going with a bare midriff. He won all the money for Sunday's individual bets. We tried to make sure his wife got to spend her half.

Darrell was by far and away the best and most consistent golfer. On four hard courses, he shot 80, 80, 83 and 84. Some of these were in driving rain. For the team bet, we had Darrell and I on the same team. For some reason, even though he is the best golfer, his team usually loses the bet. I have won about 75% of the bets, and I stink at golf. This year we proved that my luck was better than his unluck (or whatever would make sense for a lack of luck). Dinner was on the other guys.

If you double-click on this picture to see the bigger version, you can see the grit and determination on Jason's face. On at least one day, I would swear the ball was taunting him.

It is always fun to be in Lewis's foursome. No matter how good or bad he is playing, he seems to have a great time. Even in a driving rain storm, he said "but I'm not at work."

Dave, our only player from the deep south (South Carolina) appears to be reaching back to scratch his butt with the head of his driver. Dave, we're too old to be pretending to bend like that.

John needs to work on getting his priorities in order. Something about some work crisis prevented him from playing the first two days. John went to UNC. The other seven of us went to NC State. I would have to guess that life priorities must not have been taught at that other school.

Even though we spent some time dodging the rain, we had a great weekend. Always fun to wander back from Utah and spend time with so many good friends. It seems to be a rare opportunity and I hope we keep doing it for a long time to come.
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