Friday, February 29, 2008

Annual ski group

We have been skiing with this group since 1993, with only one year skipped. Over the past years we have gotten into a bit of a rut. We have roughly the same crowd, staying in Park City, skiing at Deer Valley. Soon we will have to break free.

One of the highlights this year was the snow. We have had a huge year and there is snow piled up everywhere. We had about a foot or so while the group was here. Easily enough to keep everything fresh.

Tom Schick is the chairman of our group, calling the morning meeting to order. No one is allowed to come without a laptop. You can see one on the table, but often there are four or five. Sherrie was embarrassed at not having one and bought a new laptop days before the trip.

This was the first ski group trip in our new house. The ladies are in prepping an appetizer dinner to eat while watching the Oscars. Julie did a great job of designing the kitchen to fit several cooks. The fine folding table and chairs are not going to be part of our permanent furniture.

Cameron Nickels couldn't join us this year because he was playing in a hockey tournament. The Nickels family was getting frequent updates by text message and passing them along to the group. What did we do before cell phones? Cam got one goal and one assist in the first game. They won the second game in double overtime and are now in the state playoffs this weekend.

The adults, minus me (at the camera) and Sherie, who was at a conference and missed a few days.

The dog was loving life. So many people. So much loving! Anne was unable to ski because of her eye healing from surgery. She ended up doing a lot of pet care for both Jasper and Cosette.

Mornings with coffee in the kitchen. JohnQ decided that he was going to start drinking coffee for his health. Hadn't heard that one before.

Katie got stuck hanging with the adults for a few days. Her brother wasn't on the trip and both Hannah and Hilary Kahn were recovering from the flu. Fortunately Katie stayed healthy and was able to rejoin Hannah once she was plague free.

The pool table arrived a week or two before the ski group did. Tom (new to pool) and Bill were the reigning champions. A surprising number of games ended with the leading team getting down to just the eight ball and then scratching. I guess it was too much pressure.

... and finally, our surprise guest, not guest, guest. Bill Hogan was supposed to be coming on the trip from his home in California. He hurt his back playing golf a few days before heading out. Yes, hurt playing golf. He decided driving out was too painful and he wouldn't be able to ski. After a call from Bruce encouraging him to join us, he popped in (by plane) for a few days. It was great having him join us.

Another year, another great visit/vacation. Good snow. Good skiing. Great food. Great friends.
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