Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow on snow on snow

How do you know when you are having a huge snow year?

When Park City closes school for the first time in four years?

When Alta is reporting 37 feet (457 inches) of snow and there are still months to go?

I prefer to just look out the window in one of our bedrooms. This was taken after I dug out a space in front of the window to keep it from breaking or leaking. Trust me, this is incredibly awkward and difficult.

Next time you feel like shoveling your driveway is a lot of work, try this. You can see what I have cleared so far. The pile on the right still has to go.

At least people can come visit.

Sure, the big snowblower helps but at some point it is a 2 foot blower against a 4 foot pile of snow. The snow wins.

Our streets are looking more like canyons. For scale, you can see Jasper on the top of the pile on the left.

And perhaps my favorite. Remember the pile of snow that almost blocked the stop sign? Here is Jasper atop the same pile. That's a 60 pound dog standing up. The stop sign is gone until spring.

The nice weather people are calling for 9-18" of new snow tomorrow. We have had more snow in the last 6 weeks than we had all last winter.
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