Thursday, March 06, 2008

Don't mess with the moose

OK, we know this already makes sense and we know they can be dangerous, but now we really, really know it. There is a family that lives about 150 yards down the hill from us. They let their two dogs out to roam a bit every day. The dogs play a bit, then come right back. Two days ago, one of them didn't return until hours later. He was beaten to a pulp by a moose and died the next day. As he was off without a human, there is no telling what created the conflict with the moose, but having seen Jasper chase one, I can imagine the moose being quite ticked off.

Everyone around here owns dogs and we all take advantage of the open space. Perhaps we need a local moose alert level, like "going to DefCon 1".

Think a good thought about Rupert the dog.
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