Thursday, March 27, 2008

Arial ski jumping - a more interesting view

Julie and I went to the Utah Olympic Park to watch some ski jumping. It wasn't as impressive as several of the competitions we have seen, but there were a few Olympic caliber competitors.

Some go very, very high.

The amount of twisting, flipping and grabbing they can do before landing is impressive.

But perhaps most interesting was when things didn't go exactly as planned....

This wasn't bad.

This was definitely worse.

Hell, you can't even tell where this guy went.

My personal favorite.

The worst fall was from one of the female competitors. She took a vicious fall.

The amazing thing was watching her pop up, go up the hill and get her ski and then promptly ski to the bottom. Being young is wonderful. Being young and athletic is better. Being flexible seems to be the key though.

The three winners in the men's group. It was being televised for the Versus network.

And as we left and walked up the hill, we got to see a bit of the younger males from Generation Huh? Notice the ski pants falling off their hips. They were tugging at their low riders all the way up the hill.

I wanted so very badly to see this guy trip.

A good event, but not a terribly impressive level of competition.
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