Saturday, March 22, 2008

Skiing at Snowbasin

Julie and I went skiing over at Snowbasin with our friends and neighbors, Bill and Loris. Snowbasin is about an hour away, north towards Ogden. This was where I got some of my better fall pictures this past year.

Here is Bill looking out into the valley.

The scenery looking up was as pretty as looking out at the valley. This was our view from our deck table at lunch.

Now this one you HAVE to double click on to see larger. If you look close, you can see ski tracks heading down into the rocks. Then you can see the tracks at the bottom where they landed what is probably a 60 foot cliff jump. Damn!

A shot of Julie, styling down the slopes. I've noticed that in almost every skiing picture of Julie, she has a big smile on her face. If you look close, you can tell that the snow coming off her skis isn't the famous fluffy Utah powder. Welcome to spring skiing and heavy afternoon snow/slush.

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