Monday, May 04, 2009

Golfing in Pinehurst

For the third year in a row, I joined a group of Mark Reid's friends and cohorts for three days of golfing down at Pinehurst. With lots of thunderstorms in the forecast, we only ended up with about five minutes of rain.

Fantastic! I am golfing better! Day one, I finish in 4th out of 14. On day two I tie for second and win some money. Awesome! Going into the final day I am in 3rd place overall. Oops. Never mind. I still suck at golf. I play as bad as I ever do and plunge out of the money and down towards the bottom of the list. Why do I bother?

Here we have the only foursome I captured. Billy, Chris (from Minneapolis), Mark and Jody.

Mark is ready to start on day 3 at Pine Wild. The course wound through a very pretty neighborhood, but you can almost see the humidity in the air.

Oh come on, it's just not that important! Too much information is a bad thing.

My swing on day 2 at Little River. At this point I was still golfing fairly well. However, you won't see this swing on the tour. I'm just happy when I hit the ball and don't hurt myself.

This is a great group of guys. Everyone is easy going, enjoys golfing, drinking, eating, gambling, ... Now if I can just learn to golf three days in a row.
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