Thursday, May 21, 2009

Visiting mom

My mom lives in Crownsville Maryland, which is just outside of Annapolis. I was up there this past week, just hanging out. Here's mom as we just finished a walk around the neighborhood.

Her neighborhood is an interesting place. It is in an area called Herald Harbor, just off the Severn River. Most of the houses used to be tiny summer cottages, but over the years the close proximity to Annapolis, Washington and Baltimore, combined with the deep water docks and waterfront views have made it a compelling place to live. The houses are an almost bizarre mix. They range from little two-room tear down shack built decades ago to multi-million dollar palaces, and of course, everything in between. The funny thing is that they are sprinkled in throughout the neighborhood so looking at one house, there is no predicting what will be next door.

Here is mom's abode. A nice two bedroom house, fitting comfortably between the cottages and palaces. During my stay, mom had a fox come wandering through the back yard.

The waterfront views are wonderful. The Servern is a deep river, great for boating, with lots of little coves to dock and protect your boat.

The Blue Angels were in town to do a performance for the graduation ceremonies at the Naval Academy. They fly down the Severn River and do their turn arounds right near mom's neighborhood. We walked down to one of mom's friend's house at the point to watch the planes fly by. Her friend was out on the dock with her little doggie, a bull mastiff.

He was a giant, playful dog, as nice as he could be. Just the same, I worried about him knocking my mom or his 80 year old master off the dock. Here he is basking in the sun in front of my mom.

On the way back to NC, I stopped in Old Alexandria to have lunch with Jim Covaleski. This area of Virginia is prettier and most interesting than I remember. It has been decades. After walking down to the Potomac River, and then finding lunch, Jim walked me past this house. It is very well kept, freshly painted, and not that much wider than the door. I just can't imagine what they do for furniture. The insides must be like a submarine. Tiny little stairs. Bunk beds attached to the walls. It would certainly be interesting to get a tour.

Back in NC now and ready for whatever the Memorial Day weekend brings.
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