Monday, November 23, 2009

Interesting stuff from the week

Just a bit of a collection of odds and ends:

The High West Distillery opened just off Main Street in Park City. It has an active Rye Whiskey and Vodka distillery along with a bar and restaurant. They have been running out of Salt Lake while they were building in Park City. Their beverages having been winning some pretty big awards. Yet another thing to go do.

Long time friends, the Kahn family, moved to Australia earlier this year. Bruce happened to be flying through on his way back from NY to Australia, so we got to go do lunch together. Great to see him. We miss the whole Kahn klan.

We had a little snow storm last night. Only 3-4 inches, but enough to get the snow blower out and blow the driveway on the north side of the house. Once it gets cold enough, you have to stay on top of it. Otherwise it starts to ice up and makes it a real challenge when the big storms roll in.

The moms are in town. My mom came in yesterday morning and Julie's mom came in yesterday afternoon. Both are here through the Thanksgiving week. No big plans other than turkey dinner.
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