Thursday, November 19, 2009

Keeping us busy

Well, I should be busy running. I have a marathon down in Phoenix in two months. Unmotivated. Sore knees. Tight back. Slow. Cold. Ran 9 miles today, but whimpered to myself most of the run.

Julie and I are both doing a bit more with other organizations.

Julie is now on the board of directors for Friends of the Animals Utah. This is where we got Jasper (our dog) and Cosette (our cat). They do fantastic work in the area. In October alone, they placed 90 animals. They are on track to place 800 animals in 2009. Julie is working with the financial, marketing, and technology teams. Feel free to donate.

I have started doing some work with the Christian Center of Park City. Kind of a funny choice for someone who doesn't visit church unless it is something special, like a wedding or a funeral. This group is pretty awesome. I started working there because Julie and I are big supporters of food banks. We have supported them financially in both NC and Utah. The Christian Center is the food bank for Park City. They also have a thrift store and do a lot of work for the international work force that shows up each winter. I am not a board member. I do things like stock food bags with cans and haul things to a Big Brothers donation box.

I will be starting my work as a Park City Mountain host again in a few weeks. In enjoyed it last year and met some nice friends. This year both Julie and I get free season passes to Park City in exchange for this volunteer work.
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