Thursday, May 06, 2010

Local guests

Our friends the Benson's are on a nice vacation. Meanwhile, some squatters came in to take over. As best we could tell, it is a mom and a little one. They tried to be very uncooperative by waiting until I was there with my camera to walk over and sit down in the shade. I understand that for a hot day, but it was only 30 and there was a stiff breeze.

They seem to have a pretty shaggy looking coat right now. Perhaps it is the transition from winter fur to summer.

It took me about 30-45 minutes of slowly creeping closer. They never seemed terribly worried about me and I always had a mapped out plan to run for my life.

Quite the lovely pair.

I think Junior told mom a joke. Looks that way...

I've seen dogs scratch behind their ears, but it is quite something to see with a young moose.

They were mostly pruning back Bill's lovely lawn. It is tough to do when you are tall and awkward though. I like this adaptation. Something half way between standing up and laying down. It seemed to work quite well.

I'm going to have to get better at judging males vs females and ages. Everything I have found on the web says that to age a moose, you should look closely at its teeth. I am guessing this applies to a hunter who has killed the moose, because I can't see anyone snuggling up close enough to check a moose's molars.
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