Saturday, May 01, 2010

Stop the ski season damn it!

Park City cracks me up. On one hand, everyone is tired of winter and wants to move on. Hiking and biking, not skiing and snowshoeing. On the other hand, it keeps snowing, so everyone gets bored and hits the snow again.

Because I am a long ways off with a little camera, this may be hard to see. In the middle of the picture is a ski run with some big jumps, all made of snow. In the middle of the jumps, you can see dirt. This is because PCMR wants to keep kids from coming over to the closed resort, hiking up, and skiing or boarding down. So, they actually plow out all the snow in between jumps.

Meanwhile, I was driving past Deer Valley and looked up the hill. I thought I saw skiers coming down so I pulled over. By the time I stopped the truck and took this picture, the sledders (not skiers) had gone down behind the trees.

It turns out that eight or ten adults (no kids) had hiked up 1200 feet of vertical (the Carpenter Lift for those who know DV) just to sled down one time. That's either serious dedication, boredom, or both.

Their sleds were little high-tech adult toys. Click here to buy one at Amazon.

Oh well, perhaps spring will grace us with its presence again sometime soon.
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