Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bark in the Park 2010

Two weeks after Friends of Animals had the Grand Opening of the new Rescue and Rehab Ranch, they held one of their bigger fund raisers. Bark in the Park includes a 5K run, breakfast, dog races and other competitions, and lots of related booths.

This is the start of the 5K9 (a clever name meaning that you an run with your dog). I ran the race, but wandered around throughout it taking pictures. Jasper was very patient with my bizarre strategy of running real fast and then stopping for photos.

Some people brought and ran with HUGE dogs.

Others had dogs about the size of my shoe. It amazed me that these little munchkins could run a 5K.

This Jasper and I joining Franklin and his service dog in training.

The run went through a neighborhood. A word of warning: when you see lots of people coming by, assume that any one of them might have a camera.

Cathy Clark (with Moose) runs our Furburbia adoption center.

The most popular event was something called Course a'lure. The dogs chased a lure at breakneck speeds. The course made very hard turns and they could run the lure as fast as they wanted. Jasper never got a chance to try, but the clear naturals were the little Jack Russell's.

They had a best trick contest and my favorite were these two dachshunds. First, they sat up.

Then she "shot" them with a toy gun. They both dropped to the ground and played dead. Hilarious!

These Chinese Crested's were sweet and well behaved, but a dog without fur is not a pretty sight. Poor naked little dogs.

We had a bunch of friends around. Loris Benson came to volunteer (thanks Loris!). Renee ran the 5K. Stan? He just came to be in the picture.

This is Julie posing with Jim and Don, two members of the FOAU Executive Board. Don is holding their dog Ruby.

Our guest chef for breakfast and lunch was Jean Louis. He is a very well known restaurateur here in Park City.

They had face painting for the kids. This young lady was giving Jasper some well deserved hugs.

If you have a dog in Park City or the surrounding areas, this is one of the best events of the year for you and your pooch. Join us next year!
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