Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wynonna concert

Wynonna Judd was at Deer Valley last night and Julie and I got to go. If you know country music, you know who she is. She has gobs and gobs (technical term) of platinum albums, and number one hits. I'm not a big country music fan, but it is nice to get to see the stars.

What made this much nicer goes back to "It's not what you know, it's who you know, and who they know." Greg Glynis (friend and neighbor) got tickets from someone and brought us along. We knew the tickets were good, but didn't know how good.

This is Julie and Greg, waiting for the music to start.

How do you know a seat is up close? I shot this with my iPhone. That would be my feet, a little fence, and Wynonna performing.

She has a big, strong voice and seems to be able to sing most anything, from a quiet hymn to a belted out swing piece.

She put on quite a show, and watching it from front row center is special.

I have never seen a performer interact with the crowd the way she did. It was like she invited a few thousand people into her living room. This woman was back in the crowd screaming, showing her t-shirt from a 1991 Judd tour. The woman came running down to the front, like she was on The Price is Right. Wynonna was kind enough to sign the ladies shirt. I thought the woman might explode with joy.

One girl brought her a note talking about how she memorized one of Wynonna's albums at age 8. She got a signed photo. Keep in mind, these are all in the middle on a concert.

My favorite was this like girl, Kulani. She had a seat on the front row and had to go to the bathroom. In the middle of a song, she walked towards the bathroom, right in front of the stage. Wynonna made some joking comment. Then the girl came back to her seat, and again, did it in the middle of a song. The song ended and Wynonna struck up a conversation with the girl. She ended up getting on stage and having a wonderful little chat. As you might guess, her parents were over the moon.

I need to find more people who will invite us to concerts with VIP parking and seats right up front. It seems to be a great way to watch!
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