Thursday, July 15, 2010

CrossFit Championships

Our gym is closed the next few days while two of our three instructors compete in the CrossFit Finals, a world competition. The competition starts tomorrow. These are some of the fittest people on the planet, but they don't even know what the competition will be.

It isn't like a lot of events where you can train at a very specific set of activities and hone those skills. They know they will compete on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but they don't know how many events there will be or what they are. Just be physically fit enough to be the best at almost anything. As an example our gym's owner, Chris Spealler, can do 106 pull-ups (yes, without stopping), dead lift 400 pounds, back squat 335, and run a 5k at just over 6 minute miles. Oh yeah, and he weighs 35 pounds less than me.

Eric O'Connor, our other instructor, can only do 55 pull-ups, but dead lifts 445 pounds and actually does the 5k under 6 minute miles. At least he's my weight.

Click here over the next few days if you want to follow the event or just learn more.

Go Chris! Go Eric!

And for comparison, I can do 7 pull-ups, dead lift a bit over 200, and seem to take forever to run anywhere right now. How exactly would one go from 7 pull-ups to 106?
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