Friday, June 03, 2011

Drive by photography

Julie and I are leaving on a trip to visit the moms (in Maryland and Michigan) so I didn't have that much time, but I did get out and shoot a few pictures. Of course, I took my co-pilot, co-photographer and wildlife spotter Jasper.

There are babies everywhere. These are mystery ducks but I am guessing Mallards.

A pretty duck, but one I have been too lazy to look up yet. I have started bird watching with a long camera lens too often lately. I just snap a shot and look it up when I get home. Anyone?

Bless the people who named this one. None of that odd, hard to remember stuff. It's a yellow-headed blackbird. It's not a great shot, but I wanted to show what is in the next picture.

I've been having fun trying to capture birds in flight lately. Some have very interesting patterns that only show when they fly. Notice the white patch on the wings. The kicker is trying to aim and focus with a 400 mm lens.

I have no idea where my Sandhill Cranes went, so I found another pair. These are just down the road from the local zebra, buffalo and family.

They have two little colts. I wanted to get better shots, but I decided it was more important not to disturb mom and dad.

It was funny to watch them cruise back and forth through the fence. They could do it effortlessly, but mom and dad were much too big. Every time they would get on the "wrong" side, one of the adults would give an authoritative honk and they would come running back.

Leaving the cranes, we stop by the side of the road to watch the Pot Gut Squirrels. They look mostly like squirrels, but group and behave just like prairie dogs. Here's one on guard.

They would yell back and forth to one another. They could belt out quite the call for such little animals.

Some were standing guard while others appeared to be in charge of hiding. This one refused to come out no matter how patiently I stood still.

This one gives you more of the traditional squirrel pose.

And as is often the case, we end with my favorite for the day. How cute!

Off to the sunny (and humid) east coast!
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