Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jasper the Wonder Dog!

I know everyone thinks their pets are special and wonderful, but I am quite convinced that Jasper is specialer and wonderfuler.

Today we were out at the city park playing fetch with Jasper's ChuckIt. After a while, a little boy wandered over to watch. Jasper looked at him and decided he should join in. He walked over, dropped the ball at the boy's feet, backed up a bit, and then laid down waiting for him to throw it. I gave the little boy the ChuckIt so he wouldn't have to suffer the agony of Slobber Hands.

Even though the boy could only get 20-30 feet out of a throw, Jasper brought it to him over and over again. When they were both through, the boy gave Jasper a pat on the head and Jasper gave him a quick lick.

I just sat and watched the whole thing take place. When we got back to the car, I gave Jasper a big dog biscuit as a reward, but he probably had no idea why he was getting it.

Nice to have such an easy going, friendly dog.
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