Saturday, September 10, 2011

Damn neighbor dogs

I get so tired of the neighbor's dogs coming over to play with Jasper's balls in our yard.  These even had the audacity to take a nap in our yard after they got done playing.

Oops.  Perhaps those aren't the neighbor's dogs. Looks more like a mother moose and her two calves. Jasper found them when we came home from the grocery store.  I sent him around to the back yard, but he stopped dead in his tracks.  Good thing.  Our neighborhood has already lost one dog to a moose, and nothing says "pissed" like a mom protecting the calves.

One of the calves woke up enough to pose.

The dog was ok with the moose, but the cat was quite ticked off.  Her tail was puffed up and flicked back and forth. She tried staring them down, but they were not intimidated.

Finally they all got up and started munching on my trees.  At least they were just shredding the leaves and not actually ripping the branches off.

Mom was always keeping a sharp eye out for any trouble, but she mostly just let the little ones do their own thing.  Apparenlty this was appreciated because one came over and gave mom a kiss.

This calf decided he/she was full of my trees and laid down for the night.  As I have seen before, laying down is not a graceful thing for a moose.  You start by kneeling down and leaning forward.

Then it looks like you just fall down until gravity has had its way with you.

Right now they've all crashed for the night in the back yard.  We'll see if they are around tomorrow, but if they are, the lawn sprinklers come on.  They poop in giant piles and shred our plants.  Enough is enough.
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