Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tour de Suds 2011

This morning Jasper and I took a walk down to City Park to catch the beginning of the Tour de Suds mountain bike race.  It's held every year as a way to mark the transition from summer to fall.

Jasper was jealous when we arrived and he saw this little dog catching a ride in a back pack.  He was complete happy getting to effortlessly cruise along.  The person providing the transportation was not competing in the race, but it wouldn't have surprised me.
The race is short and steep, 7 miles long with 2700 feet of vertical gain.  It starts on the city streets but switches over to single track.
But this isn't just a bike race.  It's an opportunity to get silly and ride with friends. This guy was lucky we were in the high 40s. Otherwise this would have been a toasty costume.
These folks were all dressed up, but the thing that impressed me most was the fact that the guy was going to do the race on his unicycle.
A different way to get one wheel per rider is to use a tandem.  I can't imagine how hard it is to navigate something this long up the switchbacks.  We really do have mountain biking unicyclists here.
A few bananas, a gorilla (on the left), a gladiator and something that looks like a lime green sperm.
Coordinated bees. Dress together and ride together.  I wonder if they finished this way.
One of my favorites is the guy on the left.  I didn't get a great shot, but he is dressed like a farmer and he has an inflatable sheep in a garter on his back.
Captain Marvel was in the middle of the pack.  Seems like he would be right up front.
And my winner: an inflatable sumo outfit with a pink ballet outfit. He made riding look a lot easier than it should have been.  Could be interesting once he gets into the trees on the single track.
Just another odd day in Park City.
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