Monday, September 05, 2011

I ran in a small 5k race this morning at our city park. It was nice weather, but I wasn't in a very motivated mood. I did ok and apparently finished in second place in my age group, but that may be because there were only two of us.  I have no idea and they haven't posted the results online.

The amazing thing was my next door neighbors, Monty and Hannah Lutzker.  About a week ago Monty thought about having Hannah run the 5k.  She had been hiking a lot and competing in some short triathlons. Hannah is only six years old.

Hannah did amazingly well.  After only a week of training, she ran the 3.1 miles in about 33 minutes, or less than 11 minutes per mile.  I knew she was pretty, but now I know she's an athlete.  I'm going to have to keep training to stay ahead of her.

Here's a leftover picture from my recent half marathon.  I like the pictures from early in the race because I tend to look a lot happier and more comfortable.  And yes, that is the same shirt. 

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