Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hannah and the school play

It is kind of odd that our house is next door to the condo we own. We are renting the condo out to a very nice family. Their daughter Hannah is wonderful and has adopted our dog Jasper to be part of their family.

I took some photographs for Sally (mom) the other day to use with their Christmas cards. Seriously, how cute is this girl?

Yesterday I joined Monty (dad) and Sally to see Hannah's school play at the Soaring Wings Montessori School. It was a mix of Christmas and Hanukkah stories, each done by a different grade. This is the full gathering at the end of the play. It was quite an accomplishment getting so many kids to sit mostly still.

Hannah's grade did a piece from the Nutcracker. She's the second from the right.

... and getting ready to do a ballet jump with help from a toy soldier behind her.

In addition to Hannah, I got to see one of my favorites: little munchkins who can walk, but are too young to really have any idea of what is going and why they are in front of all these people.

Some laugh and play.

Many cry and need some extra love and attention.

Whether they are crying or not, they all just seem to be a bit bewildered.

I can't remember this teacher's name, but if I had a child, this is who I would want teaching him or her. She had her class dancing and having a blast, except for the tiny little girl in white. She actually laid down and curled up in a ball, simply overwhelmed by her surroundings.

The teacher just swept her up and kept on dancing. If you can't have fun in this woman's class, you need to seek help.

So, if Hannah can adopt Jasper as the borrowed family pet, Julie and I can adopt Hannah as our borrowed daughter.
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