Sunday, December 05, 2010

Some new skis

In Park City, most people tend to have a quiver of skis, a different ski for different conditions. If you have more than one pair, you often get a pair of All-Mountain skis, and then a pair of Powder skis. Powder skis are fatter and tend to float better in the deep Utah fluff. After those two, there are lots of other choices: rock (for thin snow), race, telemark, AT, park (for tricks), cross country (both classic and skate), ...

My Rossignol B3 powder skis were six years old and fairly well beaten. It was time for a new pair. Julie got a good deal on a pair I was lusting after when she went to her Team Night at Deer Valley.

If you have skied over the past few years, it is hard not to notice how much wider skis have gotten. These are my new powder pigs, with my hiking boot for comparison.

A different way to see the size is to set my racing skis (yes, I have 3 pairs in my quiver) on top of the powder skis. You'll notice that the race skis are about half the width of the powder skis. These things are big!

Now I just need to get the bindings pulled off my B3s and put on these Rossignal S7's and wait for a big storm of fluffy snow. Hurry!!
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