Friday, December 10, 2010

Full time in Park City

Well, today was the big day. We have officially closed on our house in Raleigh and we no longer have an abode in North Carolina. It was on the market for 18 months and we were going to pull it off when we finally ended up with an offer we could live with.

Our Duxford adventure started about 18 years ago. The house took a bit of imagination at this point. It mostly looked like huge pine trees. One lesson we learned over the years: cut down more trees than you think around the house. Hurricanes and ice storms taught us the dangers of having big trees close to buildings.

It got got a little easier to picture as we went along. Our house was a slight modification to one we had seen at Parade of Homes.

And this was the finished work, until 10+ years later, when we did a major remodel.

One of the rooms I will miss is the home theater. It was a lot of fun for sporting events and movies were awesome.

But of the individual rooms, I think I will miss the screen porch the most. God knows why it took us so long to move from a deck to something much nicer. Wish we did this a decade earlier.

Julie made the insides so pretty, which I worked out in the yard. It was a never ending project, but it had developed into something attractive, as long as you don't mind the complete lack of grass.

With all these nice thoughts, why would we sell it? Part of it is the expense of having a house you can't easily rent, but only live in a few weeks out of the year.

But there is also the nonstop maintenance on a 18 year old house. Not only do you have to deal with appliances and HVAC failing, you get to cope with hurricanes. Fran was our biggie, knocking down over 100 big trees in our yard alone.

And there is always the occasional ice storm. An ice storm in a pine forest is quite exciting, bringing huge limbs down, each weighing many thousands of pounds.

As I have said before, I will miss the house, but mostly I will miss our neighbors and friends. We will certainly come back to see them, but not staying at the house will always seem odd, even many years from now.

Aside form all the emotion, it sure is nice to get that money wired into our account.
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