Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Park City

We got up this morning, helped the pets unwrap their Christmas presents, ate a wonderful pancake breakfast and then took off for the slopes. Christmas morning can be a wonderful time to ski. Even though there are millions of tourists in town, they tend to do the church/family/presents thing for a good while and the slopes are mostly open.

And there are Christmas traditions. Located pretty far off the beaten track is the Christmas Martini Bar. Bring friends. Bring a donation. Drink a martini. Kind of has that historic mining feeling to it.

Skiing with friends. From left to right, Kathy, Miriam, Rob, Julie, Jim and Greg. The only folks missing were the Benson's.

And here they come now.... Bill, son Seth, and Loris.

There were quite a few skiing Santa's around the mountain. I was trying to fgure out how to do a quick "Skiing Jesus" costume, but I think it will take an investment of time and energy. Perhaps next year. It seems like we have lost a lot of the religion behind Christmas and I can't think of a better way to bring that back than a Skiing Jesus.

Yesterday our neighbor Hannah built a lovely snowman. When we came home today, he was gone. It turns out Hannah was giving him a hug and he mostly fell over the retaining wall. Fortunately, he did not take Hannah with him.

You can leave North Carolina, but it will still follow you. This sticker was on one of the lift chairs for the Crescent lift at PCMR. It says Wrightsville Beach, NC.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether Park City Mountain Resort will step up their game to compete with Deer Valley (winner of Ski Magazine's best resort the last four years) and The Canyons, which was bought by Talisker a year ago and they are dumping money into improvements.

My unfortunate guess is "no". This year we have cost savings like no more marshmallows for your hot chocolate (really?) They seem to have replaced the radiant heat system for part of the walk with a new high-tech solution: 4 happy Hispanic laborers and a Bobcat. I am hoping the resort doesn't cheap themselves into becoming a second class destination.

Christmas has been fantastic. Family, friends, good weather, good health and now we head over to the Benson's for good food.

By the way, I turned 49 today. I can start my countdown clock. 365 days until I qualify for an AARP card.
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