Friday, December 17, 2010

A visit from the Kahn's

Our long time friends the Kahn's are back in the U.S. visiting friends and family. Hannah and Carol stayed with us for two days. When Bruce and Carol arrived, they stayed with friends in the house they used to rent.

Bruce, Hannah and Hilary met us over at PCMR for a gorgeous day of skiing. It was mostly a groomer day, but we had fresh snow from the day before and the very cold night might the snow pack wonderful. That's Jupiter Peak in the background, but no one was motivated for a hike up just to get some chopped up leftovers.

The whole Kahn family was having to make a serious adjustment. Now that they have moved to Northern Australia, they are coming from zero feet above sea level, in a near equatorial environment. By the way, it is summer there. Here we have 7000+ feet above sea level (this picture was from over 9,000), near zero temps, and no humidity.

Julie was getting in the spirit for Sundance (still a month off), by dressing all in black. Actually, that is just her warmest outfit and I think it was 4 or 5 degrees when we first started skiing.

I hope to get some more skiing in with Bruce and the family. They are calling for some pretty healthy snowfall between now and Christmas, and I love using my new Powder Pigs (monster-sized skis).
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