Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Visit from Down Under

Our close friends Bruce and Carol Kahn left Utah a few years ago to live in Australia.  Every once in a while Bruce comes back to the states for some work and family visits.  He came into town Monday, so we only got a brief visit before we head to Chicago.

We did dinner at Windy Ridge's Taco Tuesday last night.  We hadn't gone this year and I have to say that their success has resulted in a change for the worse.  They have raised their prices a bit, but it is still cheap.  The bad news is they have really made the tacos "a spoonful of meat in a small tortilla shell."  Definitely a huge drop in quality.

Today Bruce and I hit the links at Mountain Dell's Canyon course.  I am pretty certain we didn't break the course record for highest or lowest scores.  I played consistently mediocre and Bruce bounced back and forth from outstanding to really unfortunate.
 It was a nice day and the course was in pretty good shape.  I just wish all the wildfire smoke would clear out.  It was very thick today.

Looks like the entire Kahn clan will visit Park City for some skiing in January. Looking forward to it.

And I can't end without a photo of another interesting sign.  Sometimes you just have to wonder what series of events led to its necessity. Nice to see something like this somewhere other than just NC.

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