Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whacky golf

I have blogged numerous times that I mostly suck at golf.  Today I went out with Greg Glynis an reaffirmed my crappy skill level for 14 holes. Then, out of nowhere, for the last four holes:
  • Par 4. 9 iron to 18". Tap in birdie.
  • Crappy par 5
  • 195 yard par 3. 6 iron to 6 feet. Missed birdie by a few inches. Tap in par.
  • Long par 5. Sunk a 10 foot putt for birdie.
I go a year between birdies and I had two and almost a third in four holes. Even with all that I shot a 97.  So what does this mean?

Does it take me 14 holes to warm up?
Do I lose interest after 14 crappy holes and stop thinking?
Did God feel sorry for me?

No matter what the answer, I am quite certain that it will all be lost whenever I get out for another round.
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