Monday, August 06, 2012

Sam Joyce

This weekend, my uncle Sam passed away.  Sam is my dad's only sibling. He was a lifetime IBMer from the days when IBM was the most respected company in the world and working there truly made you part of the "family".  Back then, IBM stood for "I've Been Moved" and Sam and his family lived up to that.  California, Connecticut, Germany,... finally Raleigh, about 7 miles from our house.

This is Sam on a visit to our house in Crofton, MD. My guess is something around 1970.
Sam had to cope with Parkinson's but he did it remarkably well, year after year.  Finally he ended up at the Mayview nursing home.  No one really wants to go to a nursing home, but if you do, Mayview is a nice choice.  The people there became more than caretakers.  They were friends.

When I would go to visit, we would roll down a block or two (Sam in his wheelchair) to a restaurant and after lunching, cruise around the neighborhood for a while.  This photo was from one of those jaunts. The only downside was that Sam, as a UNC grad, was wrongly convinced that they were better than NC State.  I would spend some portion of each walk explaining the err of his ways.
Our thoughts go out to my Aunt Martha and their daughters, Sara and Nancy.Sam was a great gyu and we will all miss him.

UPDATE: Sam's obituary was just published and gives a lot more information about his life.
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