Friday, February 08, 2013

Friends from Raleigh

It has now become an annual habit.  Our friends Dick and Cosette come out a few days early for their timeshare at Snowbird to ski with us.   This year we did one day each at Deer Valley, Canyons and Park City.
We've skied with them quite a few times over in Meribel France, which is just over the ridge from Courchevel. Park City and Courchevel are "sister resorts" so we have skied the Courchevel run in PCMR and the Park City run in Courchevel.
We hope to get over to Snowbird or Alta next week to ski with them again.

Now, on to the unplanned meetings.  I am used to the small town feel of Park City where at any event you may see a dozen people you know.  This went way beyond that.  While eating lunch at Deer Valley, I was approached by a person from the table next to us.  I look up and it is John Zeiger, from Raleigh.  John worked in my department at IBM back around 1990. It has been many years since we have run across each other. I guess one of the benefits of living in a resort town is that there is a greater chance of stumbling across someone who lives thousands of miles away.
I couldn't resist throwing this in for reference.  My department was a bit strange.  I'm top right and John Zeiger is top row, second from the left.  I can't even begin to remember why we were dressed this way, but it wasn't that terribly far from our normal work day.

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