Sunday, February 03, 2013

Skiing and such

I have been very busy and getting way behind on my blogging. Such is life.

First, we got a glorious powder day of skiing with Bill, Loris, Miriam and Greg. We voted it our second best day of the year.

Then, the Kahn family came to town.  We have been skiing with Bruce and Carol and their daughters Hilary and Hannah for over 20 years.  They lived in Park City when we moved here, but now live down in Townsville, Australia.  We got to hang with the whole family for a bit, but didn't get out to ski with everyone. Just poor scheduling.

Carol, the girls, and Hilary's Australian boyfriend headed back down under, at which point Bruce came over and stayed with use for a few days.

One of those days, we headed over to Snowbasin for some skiing.  It seemed like a good idea.  They had received a lot more snow than Park City in the last storm and the skies were clearing up nicely.  Wrong!
 The last 6" of snow had come down wet and was wind loaded, making it thick and tough to ski through.  At least we look colorful!
 As much as the valley had cleared up nicely, the very tops of the mountains were all heavily socked in.  We did a number of runs through that grey soup, but we finally gave up and stayed lower.  Julie fell off a cat track (no damage) because you literally couldn't see the run at all.  I made a wrong turn and had to hike back up through 2-3 feet of powder.  Finally, off Strawberry, it took us 15 minutes of mostly guess work to get down to where we could see.  If I was a beginner in those clouds, I would probably still be up there.

The picture makes it look like you can see the tops, but you should realize that you are only looking at the bottom half.
 I also got out skiing on a day with mediocre visibility with Chad Rexroad.  We were over at Canyons doing a lot of bump and tree runs in search of powder.  Unfortunately, Chad is younger than I am, stronger than I am, and a more talented skier.  He was a lot more adept at blasting through bumps by feel.
At least he was kind enough to wait for me. Over and over.

Many more things have been going on.  I got photos of a big mogul ski competition, a half pipe snowboard competition, and some birds down at Antelope Island. Lots to process.
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