Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last Farmington visit for a while

I decided to head back to Farmington Bay one more time.  The snow conditions are mediocre and the President's Day week brings big crowds, so skiing just isn't interesting.  I am not sure how long the eagles stay around, but I think I have done enough to get it out of my system for a while.

Monday morning brought bright sunshine, but a bit of low fog.  I had to sit around for a while waiting for the fog to clear, so I wandered around shooting pictures of it.  It isn't thick, but it's enough to make the eagle photos too soft.
Finally everything started to clear up and the eagles got active.
Active tends to mean either eating food, stealing food, or defending your food.
This guy had a chunk of fish skin in his mouth.  Kind of ugly, but I liked the other eagles in the background.
I kept wondering why I didn't see more eagle damage.  Those talons seem pretty nasty and they don't seem too concerned about using them.
I also stopped by Antelope Island for a quick visit.  I didn't see much of interest, but I enjoyed watching this coyote calling to his friend.  The Pronghorn were not terribly happy about his presence and the males formed a barrier between the coyote and the females.
His friend was up the hill, laying in the sun.  He finally got up and started walking down towards the lake, but he seemed quite banged up.  He was walking with a pronounced limp and his fur was rough.  He was having a tough winter.
They are calling for some nice snow over the next week, so I hope I have less free time for photographing birds.
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