Monday, January 27, 2014

Utah's inversion

I was in Yellowstone all last week shooting photos.  It will take me a while to get through all the culling and editing, but until then, I thought I would share an iPhone picture of Utah's inversion.

When I left West Yellowstone at 9:15, it was a gorgeous sunny day.  Within about 75 miles, I was into a serious inversion and didn't get out of it for the next 240 miles.
The high pressure system holds all the cold air low to the ground.  Moisture and pollution gather in this trapped air and have nowhere to go until the next big storm rolls in.  On the left you can see a set of large condos that are just off the road.  I would guess that visibility was about a quarter mile.

To say that this is disgusting and depressing is a great understatement.  If you were a bird and could fly up a few hundred feet, you would be back in glorious sunshine!

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