Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yellowstone - The Textures

One of several parts of my Yellowstone trip.

This is just a shorts section with a set of photos I liked, but didn't know where to fit in.  They all came from the geyser basins and they are all about color and texture.

In the winter, you hardly see anything green in Yellowstone other than the needles on a pine tree.  This was a lovely little patch of moss and grasses, with a light coating of rime ice.  It was supported by the warmth from the surrounding hot water.
I can't imagine exactly how this stuff forms, but there were interesting yellow shapes in a very dark green geyser pool. It looks like floating scum, but it is actually quite solid.
One of the prettiest ones I saw was a big yellow pool with a lot of texture.  Tucked in were two tiny white chunks that looked like bone or perhaps brain, but they were actually some calcifications.
The next three all came from a class Bruce Hucko led at the Moab Photo Symposium.  We were out standing in a stream bed, taking pictures of how the light reflected off the ripples caused by the uneven bottom.  I loved the shots I got there and tried a few in the runoff streams from the geyser pools.
Fortunately you could get good shots from the walkway.  They don't seem to appreciate you stepping into a pool for a shot.

If you like the look of those last three, all you have to do is find some nice ripples on a sunny day.  Get your camera pretty straight overhead and then underexpose a bit.  That reduces the highlight overexposures from the sun and retains more of the deeper colors.
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