Monday, April 21, 2014

Limited blogging

I haven't been blogging as much lately and almost certainly won't for the next few weeks.  One reason was my golf trip.  The much bigger reason is that our house is under contract and we are getting ready to move.

Five years ago we built this house.  We planned on building something smaller, but the price of our lot went way up and we convinced ourselves that building a small house on an expensive lot wasn't a good idea for resale.  Now, we have a house that is way too big and requires a fair amount of upkeep.  Park City's cold, dry, sunny climate is very hard on houses.
In July we put the house on the market. Our plan was to simply move back to our condo next door.  We have been renting it the entire time we have been in the house and our current renters were on a month-to-month contract.

So far, the timing seems almost perfect.  The house went under contract right about the time that our renters were leaving the condo.  They moved into a house they built a few doors down in our same neighborhood.  This allowed us to jump on some repairs, minor remodeling, and painting in the condo.  Now we are two weeks from moving (no truck required) and three weeks from closing.

This is downsizing in a big way.  We have things from our house in Beaufort, the house in Raleigh, and then all the Park City stuff.  You can get away with that in a huge house with tons of storage.  Cut that space in half and you really have to make a lot of decisions.  So, busy weeks ahead.
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