Sunday, April 20, 2014

The annual golf fest

Every year a group of friends makes a journey to Myrtle Beach for some golf.   Most of these are friends from college, but others have joined over the years.  Over the 30 years we have gone, we have changed from January, to February, and now we are out to April.  This year we were blessed with four days of absolutely incredible weather.
We played four nice courses although some treated me a lot better than others. This is Steig about to hit one down the middle.
The sad part of this trip was that we were without our friend Lewis for the first time in 30 years. His mom broke her arm and he had to stay around.  However, when I asked what he was going to miss most, he said that it was the elevator at the new place we were staying. So, for Lewis, I include this picture.  I think he was mistaken thinking that we had a private elevator.  It was just a normal one for the building.
Here I am, winding up to crush a big shot, off to god knows where.
Here's Dave, striking a very important pose, that of Captain Morgan. We had a very smart plan this year, to drink that bottle over two days instead of just one.  Didn't execute the plan though and we have Dave with the empty bottle on the 17th hole.
The funny thing is that on our Captain day, Dave shot a 90 and I shot a 91.  Probably the best round I have ever played.  I have scored a bit lower, but on a much easier course.  Too bad I couldn't keep those Captainly skills on the next two days.

A great trip with a great group of guys.  Wouldn't miss it.
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